Arts and Crafts Galore at the Sky Life Color Explosion 2016

We love arts and crafts events. It gives an opportunity for us to expose our kids to lots of different ways to express themselves and make things that help develop their creativity. This is exactly why I made sure our whole family (hubby, kids and even my mom) got to join the Sky Life Color Explosion this year. Last year, only hubby and our son, Ziggy were able to make it.

This year, it happened the same day as Mother’s Day, on May 8, at the SM Mall of Asia. We got there right when the program was about to start and the first up was this balloon twisting show.


Yup, it really was a show, compared to the usual balloon twisting activities we see at parties where the balloon artists aren’t really that entertaining. These guys really performed and the show was quite long. They even invited kids to go up the stage several times to participate in the performance.


Our Ziggy was able to go up once (he’s the one wearing the red apron on the right) and of course, he got to take home some balloons in the shape of a helmet, a shield and sword.

Aside from this, there were a lot of other games and activities that kids and their parents were able to participate in on stage.


Those who didn’t want to participate on stage were busy just going from one arts and crafts booth to another. There were plenty to choose from! In this booth below, kids got to play with clay.


Here, they got to decorate and take home their own pair of sunglasses. Our Ziggy wanted to try this but by the time we got to their booth, there weren’t enough materials left anymore.


But Ziggy was able to try the shirt tie-dyeing activity though. He was able to do this as well at last year’s event. Ziggy got some help from the hubby. They were supposed to put different colors of die on each portion of the shirt that was tied with rubber. However, Ziggy got too excited and just squirted two colors in whatever way he wanted. Haha! It’s okay though. The final outcome was still a cool shirt anyway.


Our girls, Zoe and Ziya, were also able to find some activities that they could join even if they’re now already 14 and 13 years old. They got to try sketching with these really cool colored pens that I too have to check out soon!


They also joined Ziggy at the lantern-making booth.


Ziggy also got to try the bead art booth that used Beados. The bead art is squirted with water and left to dry so that they will stick. Unfortunately, we forgot to return to the booth after the drying period and so we weren’t able to take Ziggy’s creation home.


There were also several workshops that kids and their parents could sign up for, such as this poster making activity.


There was also a calligraphy workshop for adults that I wish I was able to join.


I wasn’t really able to join any of the activities aside from helping Ziggy with his bead art and watching the program. I was busy documenting my kids’ experiences as usual. Haha! But I did get free ice cream because it was Mother’s Day. So yay!

Overall, it was a really fun event that we all enjoyed and a great start to our Mother’s Day celebration. Can’t wait for the next Sky Cable event! 🙂