How to Plan for the Perfect Picnic with the Family

My six-year-old son, Ziggy, has been asking us to go on a picnic this summer. We have yet to oblige but plan on doing so soon.

We haven’t had a picnic for so long. The last one was way back when he was only a year old. I do think it’s a great idea to go on a picnic again with my hubby and kids. It’s a great way for us to bond as a family especially now that it’s our girls’ summer vacation from school and they can spend more time with us.

Now that we’ve decided to go on a picnic again, it’s time to start planning! Here are the things I’m going to consider when planning for our picnic.

Decide on a date.

The best time to go on a picnic is when it’s not raining. That makes summer an ideal time for one. But even when it’s not during the summer, you can still go out and have a picnic. Just check weather updates so that you can choose a day when it’s not predicted to rain.

Pick a venue.

One of the best things about having a picnic is that you can have it anywhere. We’ve had picnics out-of-town and within the city as well. The important thing is to choose a location that is suitable for your family.

This is a photo of when we had a picnic years ago at the Terra 28th park at Bonifacio Global City. It’s just a regular park. We only laid out a picnic basket and food on a blanket on the grass and that’s it!

Below are photos of when we had a picnic at Picnic Grove in Tagaytay. We were with friends that time and we chose an area with a table near the grilling station because we wanted to cook.

Plan a menu.

Picnics are all about picnic food! At least, for me. Haha! It’s really up to you and your family what you wish to eat during your picnic. Whenever we have one, we usually pick food that’s already cooked and easy to eat. That’s because we have more than one kid who need looking after and we don’t want the hassle of having to cook before eating. Some of our favorites include pizza, hotdogs, burgers, and pasta.

When cooking during a picnic though, it’s usually about grilling. So, we bring marinated pork belly, chicken, fish and vegetables for barbecuing.

List down things to bring.

I’m an OC person who likes to always be prepared. I need to have a list of things to bring so that I won’t forget anything. Aside from the food, you may also need to bring a picnic blanket, drinks and cooler with ice, mosquito repellent (because you’ll be outdoors and you don’t want to risk getting dengue!), cooking utensils, paper plates, utensils, napkins and trash bags.

Speaking of things to bring, you’d be happy to know that Cheers can help make your picnic planning easier. Cheers is a brand of quality hygienic napkins in all configurations, kitchen and paper towels and other party or get-together needs such as starch-based cutleries and trash bags.

Cheers wants to help families make every day special by making your simple celebrations easier and more fun for you. For instance, you can bring the Cheers Picnic Set on your next picnic outing. Here’s what it looks like.

The Cheers Picnic Set offers cutlery, pull naps and garbage bags in a nice picnic basket-inspired box. That’s already three things you can check off your picnic list!

It’s really cute, convenient, useful,  and very handy too! It’s so easy to bring it to your picnic.

You can available of the Cheers Picnic Set in SM, Puregold, Robinsons and Metro supermarkets at only Php 60.00. You actually save a lot when purchasing the set because the actual cost of the products is Php 77.75. There are even other stores offering it at an even lower price of Php 50.00!

Going on a picnic with your family is a great way for all of you to relax, unwind and have fun. And you can turn this simple everyday moment into something special with Cheers.

Have a happy picnic! Cheers to every day!

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  1. Picnic is a fun activity for the family. Though we don’t normally do this because it takes a lot of time to prepare, I prefer bringing cooked foods so I don’t have to grill na, tamad lang. 🙂 Ang cute ng picnic set mo.

  2. Wow I love the picnic box designs ang ganda! Anyways, our family loves picnic too. This is the time na makapag bonding kami together with our son and also it help us to refresh our mind. About our picnic baon naman mag buy lang kami tasty and fruits and kakain nalang kami sa resto before uwi.

  3. Wow, I don’t remember the last time I had picnic anymore! I love picnics as well, masaya, laid back, stress-reliever! I’d love to do it again by the time we’re complete (pag-uwi ni Dane). 🙂

  4. We used to enjoy picnics when the three boys were all so small. We resided in Marikina then and the place is so kid friendly. Now that we transferred to Quezon City and husband works almost everyday, we seldom go out as a family. Except when we hear mass every Sunday. I still love picnics and I hope my husband would find time for us. Cheers picnic set is so cute and lovable to look at. We received a similar package and my little 20 month old son played with the carton. Ehehe.

  5. I would love to go on a picnic – but my family is not a fan of doing so huhuhu! They prefer sitting down on seats lol. Would you believe that the first and last time I was able to go on a picnic was when I was 5? That long ago! But picnic or not, I’ll surely check out that Cheers Picnic Set. So sulit!
    Maan recently posted…Refreshed, Recharged, Re-energised!My Profile

  6. My family loves going on picnics! Ever since ai was a kid my mom and dad would always bring us to CCP Complex every Sunday for picnic and biking, best memories of my childhood.

  7. I love picnics! I remember back then when I was a child, my family would go on a picnic at a park or by the beach on weekends. Ang cute ng Cheers picnic set. 🙂

  8. Having a picnic is my families go-to activity especially when I was younger. Because we enjoyed outdoor activities and the thrill of sitting on the grass with a mat, we frequented Circle and stayed there until late at night. The Cheers Picnic Set is certainly a must-have for every household who loves picnics!