Selsun Blue and The Truth About Dandruff

If there’s one beauty issue I have right now it’s the fact that I have very sensitive scalp. It’s so sensitive that it easily gets irritated when the weather changes. It suddenly becomes itchy and flaky. It’s so irritating. I’ve tried so many different shampoos and conditioners to help me with this problem to no avail. Some of them were even the cause of my flakes. Just when I thought I’d never find a good solution, I finally found Selsun Blue.

I’m no stranger to the brand because I grew up with it in the house. My dad used it before because he too suffered from dandruff. Unfortunately, when I started having the same problem, Selsun Blue was already off the shelves here in the country. So, I had no choice but to use only what’s available in the grocery stores and drug stores. While some of them helped temporarily, none gave me a long term solution to my scalp problem. So, I was so excited upon learning a few weeks ago that Selsun Blue is finally being relaunched in the Philippines.

Dandruff is More Than a Cosmetic Issue

We hate dandruff not only because it causes itchy scalp, which can be very annoying, but also because having white flakes falling down our shoulders is so embarrassing. However, did you know that dandruff is not just a cosmetic issue?

Dandruff is a chronic, non-inflammatory scalp disorder affecting almost half the population past puberty age. Most of us will likely experience this condition at some point in our lives. Sucks, right?

Well, you can get rid of the flakes by using anti-dandruff shampoos. However, based on experience, the effect is only temporary and sooner or later, the itchiness and the flakes come back. That’s because most anti-dandruff shampoos merely wash off flakes but are unable to remove the fungi from the scalp. The most common cause of dandruff is the fungi “Malessezia,” a kind of fungi that feeds on oils (sebum) in the scalp. This organism doesn’t simply go away and is very difficult to eliminate. It is also capable of reproducing and replicating fast.

So, what are we to do? Treat the dandruff medically and not just cosmetically.

Selsun Blue

Selsun Blue is an effective product in helping reduce symptoms of scalp disorders. The product, which has gotten better since it was first launched in the market, has made a comeback in the Philippines this year and is now available at all Mercury Drug and Watsons outlets nationwide.

The medicated shampoo is US FDA-approved and is clinically proven to offer faster and longer-lasting relief against itchiness compared to other dandruff shampoos. According to studies, selenium sulfide, the active ingredient in Selsun Blue, helps lessen the severity of dandruff, thus helping keep flakes and itchiness at bay.

In addition, the new formulation of Selsun Blue has Honeyquat ingredient, which moisturizes and softens the hair. Those who are familiar with the previous version of the product say that although effective, it makes the hair a little brittle. But the new formulation has that hydrating effect, so no need to worry about hair getting unmanageable.

Selsun Blue currently has two (2) variants – Medicated (for itchy scalp) and 2-in-1 (with conditioner for normal hair). The SRPs for these are Php 335 for the 120 ml bottle and Php 34 for the 6ml sachet.

I got to try both recently starting with the 2-in-1 version. This is what it looks like.

I super love the slightly sweet smell of this variant. Plus, I love that it already has conditioner because as a busy work-at-home mom with a new baby in the house, I normally don’t have the time to use a separate conditioner. So, the fact that this has added Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 to deeply condition hair is a major plus. This leaves my hair soft and easy to comb after shower but best of all, it didn’t cause any itchiness on my scalp like most shampoos do!

I tried the Medicated version a few days ago when the weather suddenly became gloomy and rainy. As usual, my scalp started acting up. So I took that as a chance to check if the medicated variant will work on me and it did! This has added menthol that really soothed my itchy scalp. It left my head feeling light and cool. Love it!

So far, I’ve been very pleased with the two Selsun Blue variants. I’ve been using it twice a week only as directed and it’s already working.

For those of you who suffer from itchiness and flakes like I do, Selsun Blue is definitely a must try! Remember that in order to treat dandruff, get to the root of the problem and treat it medically.

To learn more about Selsun Blue, visit and follow them on

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    • Hi Liz. I was told that it’s safe for 13 years old and above. No tests have been done yet for those below that age simply because dandruff among kids is rare. Better to ask your pedia first to be sure.

  1. Waaahh OMG! Yes, childhood memories with Selsun Blue because my dad used to use this brand as well. Hahahaha! Glad it had a comeback. I will tell my dad about it. I agree with you that at some point in our lives we experienced having dandruff. In my case it’s stressed related and when my shampoo is not compatible with my scalp.

  2. Yay!! Perfect for my husband!!! We’ve tried so many commercial anti-dandruff shampoos but those didn’t really work for him. 🙁 Will tell this to my husband, hope it would work on him
    Coi recently posted…Hello 2017My Profile

  3. Wow, I am glad that Selsun Blue is back in the market. I remember having at in our bathroom decades ago- my mom adores this product. Although, my scalp is not oily and does not collect dirt easily it tends to get itchy too especially during the cooler months and for sure Selson Blue really helps in soothing and relieving itchiness and takes care of the small bumps. Good to know.

  4. Before danruff is one of my problem and also hairfall and I experienced unpleasant scalp condition even my toddler. I think I bet this Selsun Blue shampoo, I can commend this also to my churchmates. This is also my first time ha na meron palang ganitong shampoo.

  5. Is it really effective? I’ve been having a bad scalp problem (i’ve always had sensitive scalp since i was young) and no shampoo or condition has ever fully resolved my problem. 🙂 Maybe I should give this one a try talaga!! I’m not sure how effective it is, but let me know talaga after a month pleaaaase <3

  6. I miss this brand! It’s a childhood thing for me, hehe. Although I’ve not really used it because I was very young when this came out.

    Anyway, yaiiiks, fungi pala yun! I asked Jay if he’s used it because he’s only been using one brand bec of the tendency to have dandruff when he uses another. He said ‘yes’ for not for hair haha. A doc in his childhood advised him to use Selsun Blue for another skin issue.
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    • Oooh I didn’t know pwede pala sya for other skin issues. Jay and I are actually the same. I normally stick with just one brand because switching to others make my scalp itch. But Selsun Blue doesn’t. It really works for me.:)