The Allied Against Dengue Movement (and what you need to know about Dengue)


Over the past few years, I’ve heard of several people I know who have fallen prey to dengue. Fortunately, no one really close to us have experienced it but it’s still something I’m very scared about. That’s why when I got an invitation to attend the Allied Against Dengue event, I really wanted to go […]

Book Review: Happy Water, Sad Water: A Story to Prepare Kids For Floods and the Aftermath by Read For Hope (and how you can help disaster-prone areas in the Philippines)


Title: Happy Water, Sad Water: A Story to Prepare Kids for Floods and the Aftermath Author: Mo Francisco (Illustrated by: Yzabelle Wuthrich) Publisher: Read For Hope Release Date: February 20, 2016 Format: E-book Pages: 37 Source: Read For Hope Intended for little ones, this book teaches kids how to prepare themselves in the event of […]

#IbalikAngFeeling ng Healthy Skin with Johnson’s Milk & Oats Baby Bath and Lotion


Remember back in the day when squeaky clean skin meant healthy skin? Well, if that’s what you believe then you’re being misled. Apparently, most moms are being misled to believing their babies’ skin is healthy. In a study conducted by J&J among moms, 10% believed their baby had dry skin, yet after diagnosis, they found […]

5 #SiguradoKa Tips to Prepare Your First-Time School Goer


I can still remember my eldest child, Zoe’s first day of school. That was 12 years ago. It was such an exciting time because the first day of school is such a big milestone. Fast track to today, my girls, Zoe and Ziya, are now in high school and my third child, Ziggy, has just […]

Homeschool Diaries 2016: Recap of the First Four Weeks


Last month, I shared what our homeschooling set up is for this year. We are now on our fifth week and so I thought I’d do a recap of what transpired during the first four weeks. I’m pleased to share that all is good in our preschool homeschool journey so far. The weekly homeschool planner […]

#SootheandProtect Your Baby’s Skin With Oilatum’s New Range of Products!


As moms, we’re all concerned about our kids’ health and well-being and that includes the condition of their skin. No matter how careful we are though, we can’t always help them from being exposed to various external aggressors, such as pollution, dust, and irritants, that causes skin dryness and irritation. In fact, a study apparently […]

#PlanningForPleasure: Papermela Planner Stickers


It’s been a while since I last published a #PlanningforPleasure post here on the blog. But if you’ve been following my planner IG account, Planning for Pleasure, you’d know that I’ve continued my creative planning journey. It’s actually a year already this month since I started this series on the blog. So, yay! Anyway, I […]